Detailing Options

Detailing Options

BV Detailing is excited to be working with Angelwax products.

Angelwax is a British company with everything being developed and manufactured in the UK. They are constantly creating products which are leading the market range of car care worldwide. Every chemical or wax we use we also have available for sale in our shop in Carlisle.

We also have a full range of Flex machine polishers available to purchase for every car care enthusiast.

Detail 1

  • Single stage dual action machine polish
  • Will resolve light swirls, holograms and light scratches with a gloss return.
  • Can include a wax, sealant or ceramic coating of your choice.
  • Price available upon visual inspection.

Detail 2

  • Two stage dual action machine polish
  • Will resolve light to medium swirls and scratches.
  • Once again a choice of waxes or ceramic coatings are available.
  • Price available upon visual inspection.

Detail 3

  • Three stage dual action machine polish
  • Refine heavy swirls and scratches and will also safely resolve paint oxidisation.
  • Includes our accredited franchise paint repair system (SSR Sprayless Scratch Repair)
  • Resolve scratches and scuffs that can't be repaired by polishing techniques.
  • This detail can not be imitated by other local detailers.
  • Again waxes and ceramic coating option are also available.
  • Price available on visual inspection.

Detail 4

  • Bespoke detail
  • This detail can be designed by you!
  • Can include all elements of the vehicle from interior to suspension, engine bay and wheels.
  • Why not have your suspension ceramic coated for winter protection or your interior protected from everyday dirt and spills.