Detailing Services

Detailing Services

BV Detailing is excited to be working with Angelwax products.

Angelwax is a British company with everything being developed and manufactured in the UK. They are constantly creating products which are leading the market range of car care worldwide. Every chemical or wax we use we also have available for sale in our shop in Carlisle.

We also have a full range of Flex machine polishers available to purchase for every car care enthusiast.

Detail 1

A comprehensive inspection of your vehicle to ascertain an appropriate course of action based on the paintworks condition. Your vehicle will receive a safe wash along with a chemical and mechanical decontamination to remove embedded contaminates that washing along will not remove. After these stages are completed BV's team will perform a single stage paint enhancement to finely level your vehicles clear coat. This detail will safely resolve the following defects. Holograms which are caused by any previous incorrect machine polishing techniques. Swirl marks which are fine scratches usually caused by poor washing techniques. Finally part of this detail will include the application of a paintwork protection of your choice to keep your freshly polished paint looking its best for months or years to come.

Detail 2

This detail will be more in depth than detail 1 as it incorporates our sprayless scratch repair system to resolve deeper scratches and road rash that polishing techniques would not safely resolve, therefore we are able to achieve higher results than local detailers could not achieve. Following on from our SSR repairs a 2 stage machine polish would be carried out by BV's team. The first polishing stage would remove harsher defects in your paint finish along with levelling out microscopic paint texture. The second polishing stage will refine the paintwork to achieve stunning gloss, depth and clarity. Again as detail 1 this detail will include the application of a paintwork protection of your choice.

Detail 3

This is a truly intensive detail incorporating detail 1 and 2. Detail 3 will involve the use of heavier compounds to safely remove most of the defects in your vehicles painted surface with a finished effect that would be far superior to a showroom finish revealing pure definition of every pearl from your paint basecoat. Additionally detail 3 could be in conjunction with our SSR Sprayless Scratch Repair system to repair road rash and scratches that have compromised the base coat therefore leaving an area that could not be repaired via polishing techniques. As an upgrade option our IGL ceramic coating with a choice of one, two and three year protection and the flagship coating Kenzo which gives you 4 years of peace of mind taking you through seasons of trouble free protection.