Brake Dust Removal

When your brake pads heat up and you brake, small particles wear off the surface of the pad and get stuck to your alloys via a static charge. Baked on brake dust not only looks unsightly but can also cause damage to your alloy wheels. With some sets now costing more than a small second hand car - it is a really good idea to keep them looking prestine. We at BV detailing in Carlisle can help you with our expert advice on what products to use to safely remove this dust and dirt and make your wheels look as good as new. We also offer this as part of our detailing packages so contact us for more infomation. The pictures below show one of the products that we have available in our online store and from our shop at Rosehill in Carlisle. It is part of our Angelwax range - "Revelation". Angelwax Revelation fallout remover works by safely removing it and visually showing where it is, as shown in these photos. It’s PH neutral and non acidic so safe to use on all alloys types. 

brake dust removal car
Brake Dust Removal Off Alloy Wheel
Clean Alloy Wheel
After Brake Dust Removed - As Good As New