Micro Marring - We can remove these defects

micro marring

You're more likely to be "micro marring" whilst washing and drying, as this tends to be the most frequent attention, your paintwork gets. Anything applied to the paint, whether that's a mitt, towel, cloth, applicator, etc. has the opportunity to mark it if the incorrect wash techniques are used. We at BV Detailing can use our knowledge and experience to not only get rid of these unsightly marks but also make sure that you are educated to make sure you minimise putting them back in again for the future. Some of the products we sell online and in our shop can help you with keeping your car clean in safer way. Grit guard buckets - which can be used in conjunction with soft wash mitts and drying towels to make sure that you are not putting lots of marks back into your paintwork. Contact us for a quote on our detailing services to help remove these marks. Have a look at our online shop to look for products to help keep your car in superb condition.

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