Road grit, salt, traffic film and tar wash and protection

At this time of year in the UK the roads are covered in salt which although help with keeping us safe in icey conditions are no good on your cars paintwork. Road salt contains a lot of acids which can eat away at your paintwork and cause rust to form on non protected surfaces. We start by decontaminating your cars paint with our lovely PH neutral Angelwax snowfoam - (which is also available from our online shop or from our office in Carlisle). This super concentrated forumla creates a blanket of sticky foam which covers the vehicle and quickly gets to work removing dirt and other harmful deposits from your vehicle. It has been designed to be used with a snowfoam lance from a pressure washer. This forms part of our partwork protection package. Please contact us for a quote on how we can help protect the value in your vehicle and help keep it looking as good as new. 

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Road Salt On Car Damage
Road salt can cause damage to car paint if left on for too long
Snow Foam On Car
Our Angelwax snow foam is PH Neural and a safe way to remove the grime