UV & Sunshine Damage To Car Paint

red car paint faded and restored

Paint oxidation happens when a car is left exposed to the suns rays. On some colours it can be clearer on that others - such as the example above with the red car. On the right it looks pink - as this is clear coat showing areas of oxidation, and on the left it has been corrected with careful machine polishing to return the true colour of the car. You will have seen the same on old post office vehicles - where usually the sign writing has been removed but is still visible in a darker red colour. This is because this area has been protected with the lettering on the vehicle. Once your vehicle has been machine polished to remove the oxididation and any defects, you will be left with a back to new finish. This can then be locked in with lasting protection provided by a ceramic coating from IGL. 

If you do have an older, or classic vehicle where the paint has lost its shine, or it looks like the photo above then do give us a call at BV detailing for a quote and we will be more than happy to help you out. 

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